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Life Impulse® with coral Calcium - Easy assimilation 946 ml

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calcium input

keeps the osteoarticular system healthy

balances minerals

prevents rickets and bone decalcification

reduces the risk of osteoporosis


The liquid coral calcium complex is easily absorbed. The great variety of minerals restores the mineral balance, restores the alkaline PH of the body, to improve the health of muscles and nerve functions.


Life Impulse® Coral Calcium, through its well-balanced composition of minerals and trace elements, it is a great alternative to cope more easily and better with everyday stress.It strenghtens the bones, teeth and helps a fast recovery in case of bone fractures.


It is recommended 2 spoons/day to adults, 1 spoon/day to children over 12 years old. Take preferably in the morning on an empty stomach. This dietary supplement is not a medicine and does not replace the specialized treatment recommended by a doctor or the normal diet.


Ingredients / 1 tablespoon (15ml) complex of coral calcium - calcium - 33,125 of RDA 265mg, Magnesium - 150mg - 50% of RDA; Vitamin C - 40mg- 66.6% of RDA Vitamin E - 7,5mg- 75% of the RDA, Zinc-7,5mg- 50% of the RDA, 1.5mg copper-RDA * Manganese - 1.5 mg RDA * Bor -1,5mg RDA * Vitamin a - 1000 (600 mcg) - 75% of RDA, Selenium - 100mcg RDA * Potassium - 25 mcg RDA * Vitamin D3- 200U (5 mcg) - 100% of the RDA, mixture of oligo - 50 mg RDA * Other substances from coral 150 mg DV *. DZR- recommended daily * substance which has not been established RDA. Nutrition / scoop: Calorii- 5 kcal Calories from grasimi- 0, Total grasimi- 0g, fat 0g saturate-, Colesterol- 0 mg, Sodium-0 mg Total carbohidrati- 1g Fiber <1g, Zaharuri- 1.15g, proteins- 0 +/- 10% variation ingredients ..

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Category: HEALTH

Brand: Life impuls

Product code (SKU): 885

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