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 Life Impulse® Garlic and Parsley - Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol 29g images

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Life Impulse® Garlic and Parsley - Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol 29g

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reduces blood pressure

disintegration of cholesterol deposits

has a detoxifying effect


The complex of ingredients stabilizes the elevated blood pressure values and decays cholesterol deposits from the vascular walls. Stimulates the body to fight against bacteria and viruses. It has an intestinal detoxifying effect, due to the antiseptic and alkaline properties.


Life Impulse® Garlic and Parsley is a dietary supplement that uses the properties of garlic and parsley, herbs known for their beneficial effects in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.


1-2 gelatinous capsules per day. Preferably to consume during meals. Recommended only for persons from 15 years of age.


Box containing 60 gelatin capsules. A gelatin capsule contains the following: BIO odorless garlic (Allium sativum) (Extract 100: 1) (equivalent to 500 mg of fresh garlic cloves) - 5 mg; Oil soia- 293.8 mg; Concentrate of parsley seed oil (equivalent to 100 mg of fresh parsley) - 0.2 mg. Other ingredients: silicon dioxide, anti-caking; gelatin capsule; glycerin; Purified water.

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Category: HEALTH

Manufacturer: Life impuls

Product code (SKU): 760

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