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 Kräuter® Bear Power capsules 10 g images


Kräuter® Bear Power capsules 10 g

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Calms rheumatic pains
Diminishes arthritis
Strengthens the effect of the antirheumatic gel
Internal action

COD 4100


A food supplement with a complex formula of special ingredients designed to represent, together with Bear Power (Puterea Ursului®) antirheumatic gel, a complete helpful solution for rheumatic pain. The Bear Power capsules act from the inside over the affected areas for a faster effect of relieving rheumatic pain. Completes and maximizes the action of bear power gel from the exterior, with the direct action to the"root of the problem".
Boswellia Serrata - a very popular plant in the world and used for over 5000 years for its beneficial effects for attrition arthritis, osteoarthritis and other inflammatory diseases. Eucalyptus BIO - known for its emollient effects, digestive, antirheumatic, healing and antiseptic. Glucosamine - stimulates collagen production and improves synovial fluid structure responsible for joint mobility.
First 15 days 1-2 capsules a day, accompanied by daily using of antirheumatic Bear's Power gel, and in the next 15 days use only the antirheumatic gel. For outright results we recommend 3 months of using. * This scheme is just a suggestion, a doctor's consultation needed for specific customization to each individual
Box containing 30 capsules. One capsule contains: Boswelia Serrata-150mg-*, glucozamine-50mg-*, horse chestnut -10mg-*, liqorice-30mg-*, BIO eucalyptus -50mg-*, white willow-30mg-*. Other ingredients: gelatin capsule.

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Category: HEALTH

Manufacturer: Krauter

Product code - SKU: 4100